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5 Tips to Harness The Energy of The New Moon in Virgo | September 2021

Ready to set some powerful new intentions for the remainder of the year? The New Moon in Virgo on has your back.

There’s something about Virgo season that I love so much! Even as an adult there is still a “back to school” excitement that I feel during this time of year. I just want to buy new notebooks and pens, update my fall wardrobe (anyone else love fall fashion?), and revisit my goals for the rest of the year.

What’s dope is that on Monday, September 6th at 8:52pm ET there will be a New Moon in Virgo that is perfect for setting goals and preparing to close out 2021. And since this falls on Labor Day in the United States, many of us have some time off to honor this New Moon’s energy.

Virgo is well-known for organizing, planning, paying attention to the details, and making sure that everything is running smoothly (and if it isn’t, Virgos aren’t afraid to let you know! Lol). This sacred ability to discern what needs to be done to achieve specific outcomes is what we can tap into under September's Virgo New Moon. In my opinion, working with this New Moon is essential to transmute what we’ve experienced over the last year and a half into a higher vibration that will carry us into 2022.

The New Moon in Virgo will also make a harmonious connection to Uranus in pleasure-seeking Taurus. The planet Uranus represents change, innovation, and revolution. With the Moon & Uranus in these two earth signs working together, we have the chance to radically shift our lives and find innovative ways to solve our problems.

Most of my clients, friends, and family have shared with me that they’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions since 2020. They describe it as going from “WTF” to “omg, what now” to “I don’t even know who I am anymore” and finally, “I think I kinda have an idea of what I’m supposed to do.” I can definitely relate to these feelings myself. I’ve gone through quite a rapid transformation and transition in my own life. I’m questioning everything. I want more freedom. Happiness. Joy. Ease. Rest.

As I’ve stumbled and fumbled through 2021, it’s felt like a year-long retrograde. I have to say though, in Virgo Season I feel a lot better than I did in the beginning of the year. Not all the way where I want to be, but closer. I’m observing many of us settling into a new state of being; still making moves, still growing, still shifting and changing. But with a little less chaos and fear.

So let’s harness this Virgo New Moon energy to continue to bring forth these new lives we are creating. Cool?

Here are 5 Tips to Honor the New Moon in Virgo:

Spend at least an hour in Nature. No music, no headphones, no talking. You can walk or choose a comfy spot to hang. Close your eyes (if you are walking, just lower them slightly). Listen to the wind blowing through the trees, the water flowing (if you are near a water source). Listen to the insects and animals communicating to one another. Listen to the birds sing their songs. Virgo is an Earth sign. It is the energy in nature that works without effort. It is the tree branch that grows again after being damaged and the bee pollinating the flowers while providing sustenance for itself. Everything is functioning together in divine order. This is our natural state of being.

Set intentions in the Virgo-ruled areas of life: your daily routine, work, healthy living, fitness, nourishment, movement, how you make your money, organization, and using the tools you have. How do you set them? Speak them, think them, write them, sing them… the Universe will receive them and get to work!

Read the affirmations in this graphic. Reread them at least three times. Meditate on them and feel them in your body. Know that these are already true for you!

Create the ultimate to-do list. Literally take all of the things in your brain that you’ve ever thought you need to do and write them down. Examples could be “update my website” to “buy new pots and pans.” Dump it all on a piece of paper with no judgment.

Take a deep breath. Now take another. And hear these words: You are only one person, my friend. Sure, your list is awesome. There are some juicy things on there. Look at your list again. Which ones make you tingle with excitement? Which ones are necessary for the health and wellbeing of you and your family? Which of these do you dread or feel so much resistance to doing? Which would you like to complete by the end of the year? Now, here’s the tough part. Cross out the things that can be done in 2022 and beyond. Buying new pots and pans? You can wait for that. Starting your Youtube channel? Your potential followers will find you in 2022. Breathe. Abraham Hick says, “You are not here upon this Earth to prove yourself worthy of anything to anyone.” Which of these things on your list have you pressured yourself to do even though you have no desire to do them? Cross them off too! Now you can take a few of the things you have left and complete them from a place of ease, just like things work in Nature.

I look forward to seeing what you manifest in your life!

With Gratitude,


Want to know more about your birth chart and what this New Moon means for you? Let's chat. You can book a session with me here.

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