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5 Tips to "Clean Up" Your Rituals During the Full Moon in Virgo

On February 27, 2021, at 2:17 am CST, the Moon enters the efficient and analytical sign of Virgo and will be opposite the Sun in Pisces. In Astrology, the Moon represents our emotions, desires, and our "inner world."

The Sun is currently in Pisces, and our creative imaginations and connection to spirit are enhanced right now. Pisces energy is healing and dreamy, so you may find yourself wanting to dive deeper into your healing journey- through creative pursuits, spiritual rituals, and peaceful solitude.

With this Virgo Full Moon sitting opposite of the Sun, we are also being pushed to clean up our current rituals. Maybe you made a commitment to meditate every evening, but lately, you've been finding yourself dreaming about a beach vacation instead of connecting to a higher power (guilty!). Or maybe your morning ritual included not looking at your cellphone first thing in the morning, but you've fallen off of that commitment. If that's the case, have no fear, the Full Moon in Virgo is here to get you back on track!

Here are 5 Tips to "Clean Up" Your Rituals During the Full Moon in Virgo:

1. Take an Inventory of Your Current Rituals

According to, "rituals involve the execution of conscious and deliberate actions." Unlike habits (like brushing your teeth or showering daily), rituals are actions wrapped in mindfulness. What are your current rituals? How can you improve or enhance them? For example, many people have what they call a "Morning Ritual." This can include waking up early, meditating, reading a passage in a book, or simply making an amazing cup of coffee.

My current morning ritual consists of me walking to my balcony to greet the day, then looking up the current planetary transits and journaling while sipping coffee or tea. However, I confess that lately, I have been looking at social media on my cellphone before I even get out of bed in the morning. This sometimes pushes my day back an hour (or more!) while I waste time scrolling. Sometimes I find myself LIVID about something I read on Twitter before my feet touch the ground for the day! This doesn't set my day up the way I would like at all! So during this Full Moon in Virgo, let's clean up our daily rituals. For me, I've decided to charge my cellphone in the living room instead of the bedroom at night. If you need ideas to start or enhance your daily ritual, YouTube is a great resource!

2. Create a Schedule for Your Passion Projects

Trying to balance work, family, and a social life can get pretty hectic on a daily basis. Most of us dream of working on a passion project, but we often just can't find the time! But now we can use the power of the Full Moon in Virgo to help us! Here's a tip: Give yourself 15 minutes per day to work on something that is special to you. Seriously, just 15 minutes. Maybe you want to create a blog or take up photography or you wish you had more time to practice yoga. Schedule an uninterrupted 15 minutes per day to do just that! Use the 15 minutes to write a paragraph for a new blog post or watch a Youtube video explaining photography techniques. You will be amazed at what you can produce in a short amount of time by committing yourself to just 15 minutes per day!

3. Sign Up for a Class

Your creativity and imagination are at an all-time high during Pisces Season, and you can utilize the power of the Full Moon in Virgo by learning a new skill. Virgo energy doesn't just learn for the sake of learning, it figures out how to apply what it learns. Enhance your current rituals by taking a class to learn something new! Sign up for yoga and learn a new pose to practice at home. Or register for a marketing course to learn tips to use while working on your business idea. There are tons of free courses available online!

4. Don't Talk About It, Be About It

Virgo energy is all about doing what you said you were going to do, which is a bit different than its opposite sign of Pisces, which is more about doing what you "feel." This Virgo Full Moon reminds us that to fulfill our deepest wishes and desires, we cannot skip over the details. You can't just "hope & wish" that you will reach a particular goal one day. Practical steps are an absolute must! So if you've been telling everyone that you are "about" to do something for yourself, now is the time to stop bs-ing and do it! Try implementing tip #2 to get started!

5. Serve Others When The Opportunity Presents Itself

Helpful Virgo is the zodiac sign known for providing service to others. The Full Moon in Virgo reminds us to consider others while we are on our healing journey. Take the time to look around and see if there is something you have that you can offer to someone else. For example, if you have a co-worker that is having a tough time, extend an invitation to your Wednesday night meditation class. Are you currently reading an inspiring book? Grab a copy for a friend or two and start a mini book club! Remember, "the best way to find yourself is in the service of others." -Gandhi.

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