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Never dread Mercury Retrograde again!


There's no need to fear the effects of Mercury Retrograde when you are prepared! In this checklist, you will learn more about Mercury Retrograde and how it affects your life; plus receive 10 tips to help you ride the Mercury Rx's wave with ease!

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I facilitate the healing process and self-discovery of soul seekers through astrology readings, spiritual storytelling, and therapeutic sessions. 

I believe in the power of astrology as a foundational tool for personal growth and spiritual healing. Knowing your birth chart is a major step towards radical self-acceptance and self-love. 

I'm also just obsessed with astrology, spirituality, and healing; Periodt!

I'm totally that person that asks what your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs are as soon as I meet you (guilty!). I really enjoy writing, teaching, and speaking about the movement of the planets and all sorts of spiritual  & personal development topics.  I view everything from an astrological lens; as an Aquarius, astrology is embedded in my DNA! 


Some of my deeper work includes diving into family systems, unpacking childhood trauma, and healing generational wounds. I blend my training as an astrologer, educator, reiki healer, inherited family trauma specialist, and family constellations facilitator into my offerings to deliver a heart-centered experience that leaves you feeling more clear, calm, and connected to Spirit.

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Grasping things from the Cosmos

You've been doing the work...

 You started meditating, reading self-help books, and even bought a few crystals. But you still feel like something is missing. You may even feel “stuck” and unsure of what to do next. 


This is where I can help. Using your birth chart and guidance from the Cosmos, I hold space for your journey to self-awareness. Together, we can explore new ways to put you in alignment with your cosmic destiny and gain confidence in releasing whatever no longer serves you.



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"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."  –CARL JUNG


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